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The HomeLogic team has over 30 years of experience, when it comes to
designing and transforming homes to include concept to a complete home.
You'll save time and money with a full scope solution to include plans, 3D design, blueprints, city permits,
and construction with this dedicated team that no doubt, loves what they do!


Can't find exactly what you want? 
We build custom homes within the individual budget of each client,
with hands-on support every step of the way. High quality craftsmanship,
communication and care go into each unique and custom home that we build.


Our HomeLogic team has proven our longstanding success with kitchen
and bathroom remodels, home expansion, and complete home makeovers inside and out...
turning an older home into an updated, dream home.



Things happen when you least expect them. 

But an unforeseen tragedy in your home can be turned into a beautiful masterpiece,
with our team that specializes in flood and fire restoration. In fact, we've shown how this can be an
opportunity to turn your home into a place beyond what you thought was possible! 

We're there for you through the entire process, without the need to hire a designer
as an additional cost. We want to walk through every step of the process -
to start from scratch with your vision and then customize it to your needs, family function and budget.

Have you found a really high end design, but need to fit it within a tight budget?
We can help and it's what we do well! With Lonna's design experience and Jay's craftsmanship,
the two combined will create what you've envisioned for your new home. We take the time to really listen to your needs.
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